Quinta Vale Dona Maria

Quinta Vale Dona Maria sites gallery css design awards winner

Welcome to Quinta Vale Dona Maria, a name synonymous with diversity, complexity, and elegance in the world of fine wines. Our esteemed vineyard, nestled in the heart of Portugal’s prestigious wine regions, is proud to unveil our new website, meticulously designed and developed by KOBU Agency. This digital masterpiece mirrors the essence of our wines, […]

Tyrol Hotel Dolomites

Tyrol Hotel Dolomites website design awards winner

Tyrol Hotel Dolomites: A Haven of Heart and Tradition, Welcome to Tyrol Hotel Dolomites, where every stone and beam resonates with stories of heart, family, and deep-rooted traditions. Nestled amidst the breathtaking scenery of the Dolomites, our hotel is more than just a place to stay; it’s a home where warmth and hospitality are a […]

Katikies Hotels Greece

Katikies Hotels Greece Website Design Awards

Katikies Hotels Greece was born of a desire to combine the warm embrace of Greek hospitality with the dramatic beauty of the country’s unforgettable landscapes. The website for Katikies is designed to capture the essence of its unique concept, which is rooted in the fusion of traditional Greek hospitality and the stunning natural beauty of […]

7132 Hotel Vals

7132 Hotel Vals website design awards winners sites.gallery

7132 Hotel Vals offers pleasures for all the senses – including top-quality architecture and gastronomy. In Vals, Switzerland’s most beautiful retreat. The 7132 Hotel, located in the picturesque village of Vals, Switzerland, stands as a beacon of luxurious retreat and sensory indulgence. Nestled amidst the serene Swiss Alps, this hotel is not just a place […]


Wennect website design awards winner sites.gallery

Wennect: Find your work – and your people. Wennect empowers each individual to be a part of something bigger. Our unique platform is not just about job connections; it’s about building a thriving ecosystem of professionals who share, collaborate, and grow together. With an emphasis on fair profit sharing and collective decision-making, Wennect fosters a […]

Plan London

Plan London

Plan is an independent product strategy consultancy, helping with world-leading mobility.

Schweppes Canada

Schweppes Canada

A never still brand experience to promote Schweppes and its effervescent mind

Kite Creative Work

Kite Creative Work

Kite Creative has recently launched a new WordPress website in collaboration with Plug & Play. The site focuses on providing a visual and smooth user journey.



IPFA connects public and private sector organizations to facilitate the success of infrastructure and energy projects. Their new website needed to support them in their mission, effectively targeting core audience archetypes, building user flows to deliver key messages to each key audience. The website provides a flexible WordPress CMS to enable IPFA’s marketing team to […]