Altanure – être la nature

Altanure - être la nature sites gallery CSS design awards

Altanure – Être la Nature, Nestled within the embrace of nature’s serene beauty, Altanure stands as a testament to the harmonious union of human ingenuity and natural wonder. The essence of Altanure, translated as ‘being nature,’ encapsulates our core philosophy – to provide a sanctuary where individuals can immerse themselves in the tranquility of natural […]

Cherie Healey

Cherie Healey

Welcome to Cherie Healey website, a sanctuary for leaders aspiring to transform their workplaces. Here, Cherie Healey’s innovative approach to leadership is showcased, aiming to solve the world’s grand challenges by emphasizing wellbeing, connection, and self-awareness. Cherie Healey, a renowned leadership coach and visionary, has dedicated her career to empowering leaders. With a unique blend […]

The Cambrian Hotel Adelboden

The Cambrian Hotel Adelboden website design awards

Swiss Alps Design Hotels, The Cambrian Hotel in Adelboden is an exquisite blend of modernity and tradition nestled in the heart of the Swiss Alps, a part of the prestigious Design Hotels group. This luxurious haven boasts a stunning location, offering breathtaking views of snow-capped peaks and verdant valleys. The hotel’s architecture harmonizes beautifully with […]

Design Hotels™ Original Experiences

Design Hotels™ Original Experiences website design awards winner

Discover the world of Design Hotels™ Original Experiences, and begin planning your next extraordinary trip. Welcome to the enchanting realm of Design Hotels™ Original Experiences, where each journey becomes a masterpiece. Our website, crafted with the same passion and creativity that defines our hotels, invites you to immerse yourself in a world where travel transcends […]


Wennect website design awards winner

Wennect: Find your work – and your people. Wennect empowers each individual to be a part of something bigger. Our unique platform is not just about job connections; it’s about building a thriving ecosystem of professionals who share, collaborate, and grow together. With an emphasis on fair profit sharing and collective decision-making, Wennect fosters a […]

Corvette Care

Corvette Care

Maintenance and restoration of Corvettes from Corvette C1 to Corvette C8.

Metal & Gas

Metal & Gas

Metal & Gas customers dare to be different. Building the best rides in the business taking the very best brands and models and giving them a 21st-century makeover.